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About Us


African Smart Cities Innovation Foundation (ASCIF) Was Established By A Group Of Young, Energetic And Visionary People Who Were Highly Motivated And Committed For Contributing Their Time, Skills And Energies Developing E-Services By Combining The Academic Approach, The Government View And Proven Practices And Knowledge In A Powerful Process Of Co-Design. This Will Result In A Transferable Methodology Useful For African Union Innovation Networks.



Unique approach of developing e-services by combining the academic approach, the government view and proven practices and knowledge in a powerful process of co-design. This will result in a transferable methodology useful for African Union innovation networks.

To Promotes Social Innovation and inclusiveness together with economic innovation and environmental sustainability, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Strategy.

To promote innovation smart cities that would cater for the welfare of people that uses different types of electronic data collection sensors to manage these cities.

To promote the use of efficient physical devices and infrastructures to optimize the efficiency of an enabling environment.

To promote the use of information and communication technology thereby enhancing quality and interactivity of urban services which will increase contact between the people and government.

To promote interaction between people and the government through the use of open innovation processes and e-participation.

To partner with other similar bodies or non-governmental organization to promote the objectives of the foundation.

What we do

Our Mission

African Smart Cities Innovation Foundation’s Mission Is To Work For The Development & Empowerment Of Socio-Economically Development Of African Cities Through Innovation And Economic Development.

Our Vission

ASCIF Envisions A Technology And Innovation Driven Continent. Our Vison Is To Promote Social Innovation And Inclusiveness Together With Economic Innovation And Environmental Sustainability, In Line With The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Strategy.



To motivate, empower and reposition local communities towards smart cities development.


To collaborate with expatriate, volunteers to spread the ideology of investing in smart economy


To help bread future leaders through sound and effective socio-economic, cultural and smart cities development.


This is an approache towards recognizing individuals that has helped build communities.

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