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Social Coporate Responsibility of ASCIF

These projects below are aimed at supporting our communities with solutions that are targeted at strenthening her co-existance, imporving the lives of local people and giving a reason to smile again


Two-thirds of the world’s illiterate population are female and countless girl children are not receiving basic education. Supporting women in developing countries is vital to helping overcome critical social issues such as poverty and unemployment.

By supporting women in society and giving them access to equal opportunities such as education, jobs and health care, everyone benefits. Infant mortality rates go down, more children stay in school, incomes increase and the cycle of poverty can be broken. Our targets demographics are;

  • Community Women
  • Youths ( Ladies)
  • More Emphasis on Widows.


Malnutrition is estimated to contribute to more than one third of all child deaths, although it is rarely listed as the direct cause. Contributing to more than half of deaths in children worldwide; child malnutrition was associated with 54% of deaths in children in developing countries in 2001. Poverty remains the major contributor to this ill.

The vicious cycle of poverty, disease and illness aggravates this situation. The issues of grooming undernourished children causes children to start life at mentally sub optimal levels. This becomes a serious developmental threat. Lack of education especially amongst women disadvantages children, especially as far as healthy practices like breastfeeding and child healthy foods are concerned. This project will mobilize funds to feed local community people (Women and children). Target locals are;

  • Internally Displaced People (IDP's)
  • Victims of Current Flood
  • Motherless Homes


Over three million girls a year are still victims of genital mutilation today, not only in Africa and Asia, but also in Europe, the USA and Australia. Everyone can contribute to the fight against this cruel ritual: Talk about this Topic with your family and friends, in order to mobilize more forces. Spread the message and point out that urgent action must be taken.

Support Organizations that are committed in this fight with your donation or your engagement. This way you can help the women affected directly, protect those at risk and contribute to changing the mentalities of the people responsible for this acts. The WOVII Campaign for this will be in the following locations:

  • Project Flag up Lagos State
  • Northern Nigeria Region
  • Southern Nigeria Region


The aged are most often neglected in our society and their mistreatment is linked with emotional and physical capabilities.It then becomes a challenge and they are unable to fit in the system and become relevant.

This project is designed to stimulate the residual cognitive, relational and emotional capabilities of older persons. Prevent older people’s mistreatment and neglect. Objectives of this project are:

  • Financial and social sustainability;
  • Resources hoarding
  • Extending valuable and Quality Care.

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